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CorrieWilson Asked Should those who refuse treatment for cancer be entitled to the same palliative care treatment as those who don’t?

December 12, 2011

Freedom of choice is the prerogative of the patient.

 Answered by Andrew Wolfe LMP on


Animefreak150 Asked What is rehab?

December 12, 2011

Depending on the kinds of “rehab”. Physical rehabilitation is the ability to restore the body to normal functionality by means of therapeutic intervention. Drug rehab focuses on the rehabilitation of the recovery of chemical addiction. Answered by Andrew Wolfe, LMP

Pamela12 Asked Why is medical care so important ?

December 12, 2011

I would qualify medical care as healthcare. It is not just a managed system but the ability to improve,restore,maintain health and a sense of well being. In addition it can help in the prevention of disease, injury and other aliments. The more a patient invests in the pursuit of health and well-being the more optimal results one can achieve. This should be a holistic model. What works for one individual may not work for another. There are times the model needs to be modified based on the individuals circumstance. This is always evolving as is life. Answered by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

vellia Asked What should the government’s role be in determining how we eat?

December 12, 2011

These are guidelines based on current nutritional standards. Your individuals standards may require more depending on your individual needs/lifestyle/choice. Answered by Andrew Wolfe LMP

SquirrelM Asked Can You Die of diabetes? Question on ASK.COM

December 12, 2011

Yes if not monitored with diet and/or medication ;i.e. insulin, you can. But their are more break through with pumps and testing as well as diet modification that can greatly improve the quality of your life to avoid premature death and or other association/complication due to diabetes. Not all people that are diagnosed with a specific disease die from that disease sometimes they die or are impacted in their health by other complications due to the disease. Be proactive it is not necessarily a death sentence but you must be diligent in your lifestyles. Answered by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

prodigy Asked What are the most common ailments/problems/malfunctions that happen to the muscular system ? Question on ASK.COM

December 12, 2011

It has shown through the life time of an individual that odds are at some point in time all persons will experience some kind of low back pain/dysfunction. repetitive use,misuse;incorrect lifting,ergonomics and body posture, trauma, surgery, lifestyle choice; specifically atrophy in the abdominal and obesity can be all factors in creating low back dysfunction.

Answered by Andrew Wolfe LMP

Question: Hi! I have a sharp pain in my shoulder and below my breast from lifting heavy things at work. Tips?xAsked by cassandranicole

December 12, 2011


The pain started in my shoulder and is now spreading down my rib cage and to my chest. It does get better when I use heat patches but not for very long. I can feel a knot beside my shoulder blade.

What kind of treatment would be best? I would not want something too aggressive! – I have quit my job now, so hopefully I will get better soon! 🙂 – oh, but it means that I am a bit on a small budget! 😛

Thank you! 


I am sorry to here about your troubles. First of all if your injury occurred on the job you should put in a work related claim. Even if you don’t work there any longer. If it happened at work it is a labor & industry matter. Get it documented as soon as possible. You can be eligible for therapy to get you better. It sounds like you have a muscle strain/sprain. Getting massage therapy care will help you pending no other issue are present to complicate things. Ice is always suggest for anything acute- that is to say for injuries that just happened. Try not to irritated it by lifting or doing any movements that irritate it. You can try laying on you side (hurt side up) with a pillow under your other side and bend to stretch open your side ribs and breathe deeply with the stretch. Andrew Wolfe,LMP

Medical Mingle Andrew

September 12, 2011

Medical Mingle Andrew.

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