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Schedule a massage with Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy in Arlington, WA 98223

May 12, 2014

Schedule a massage with Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy in Arlington, WA 98223.


Key note speaker on KRKO “Health Matters” April 25th at 6:45PM, PST

April 12, 2011
Andrew Wolfe, LMP is the owner and massage therapist of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy located in Arlington’s health care district at Smokey Point, Washington. He has a private practice in the Cumulus Park Health Care Center serving patients in the north Snohomish County region since 1987. In his profession as a licensed massage practitioner, he has focused on the rehabilitation and injury aspect of massage therapy. In the past he has been a keynote speaker, presenting in Everett Washington at the Snohomish County Medical Assistance Association on medical massage in May of 2009.

He is scheduled to be a keynote speaker on Everett Washington’s radio station, KRKO 1380 am on April 25 ”Health Matters,” starting at 6:45 PM, PST. It will be a show for questions and answers. There will also be the availability for listeners to call in. The subject of health will be discussed in the topic of medical massage therapy.

Andrew Wolfe,LMP brings 24 years of advanced clinical experience and training to the show, with insight and knowledge surpassing others in his field. He has worked with a variety of conditions in his private practice ranging from sports and personal injuries such as whiplash,fibromyalgia,thoracic outlet symdrome,carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis and other orthopedic conditions. His clarity of massage therapy as a medical modality helps uncover any myth by offer massage therapy as a natural, drug free, non surgical choice to be used in conjunction or as a primary focus in the rehabilitation and recovery from orthopedic, muscular and skeletal dysfunctions and complaints a patient may be experiencing. People don’t realize the treatment options that massage therapy has available to them. Massage therapy is not just the confinement of the idea of working just on the back and neck. Depending on medical need, most areas of the body can be treated not just the neck and the back. Where the body has mobility in the joints there are ligaments, tendons and muscles that make movement possible. With this understanding massage therapy is not simply left for the treatment of sore muscles but has such a greater circumference of treatment options open for care under massage therapy.

Proper diagnosis is important in the effective treatment to help issue a optimal response. Talk to your provider about what your options are. Drug use is not the only avenue to take when it comes to pain management. Surgery is an option but should only be exercised as an option when all other recourses have been exhausted.

Most patients have sought out referrals issued by their primary or specialty provider. Some patients come on their own, tired of the drug route and not wanting surgery.

Andrew Wolfe considers himself, in addition to being a massage therapist, an educator of health and wellness. He has a masters in metaphysics and is certified as a life coach. His inspiration is to empower individuals one at a time through personal choice and creating healthy options for one’s health and well being.



For more information on this health care professional please visit Andrew Wolfe’s web site at or call 360-653-4657.

Copy written by Andrew Wolfe,LMP


Water-Natures Natural Remedy by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

December 8, 2010

Have you ever been told by your massage therapist after receiving a massage to drink plenty of water? You may ask yourself, ”Why is this”?

The body is mostly composed of fluids. The skin holds the fluids in as well as holding other structures together – like a body suit. Fluids in the body consist of lymph, blood, cerebrospinal fluid as well as other fluids as carriers to help in the transportation, distribution and elimination process. It thereby supports the ability to heal, restore, maintain and regulate the body. Daily water intake is critical to maintaining this process. The act of getting a massage sets up the environment of distribution of fluids by manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues. Toxins are carried through the lymph and blood. Drinking water afterwards facilitates the disbursement and elimination of them.

The average person loses several pints of water a day through exhalation, elimination and evaporation (including sweating). Toxins can accumulate in the body if the transportation of new blood and nutrition is not supplied to the body, which can create long term side effects such as poor performance and health issues. After exercising, lactic acid is excreted, which is a by-product of the waste in the body. Drinking water helps to flush the system.

A lot of times we look at nature or man’s own inventions to mimic a state of health and balance. Reflect on what a mechanic does to your car in order to maintain it efficiently. He runs diagnostics, flushing and changing fluids on a regular basis. After all, you can’t keep the same amount of gas in your car’s tank if you expect to go anywhere. You have to continue to fill the gas tank in order to get where you are going or you run out of gas. Our bodies are engineered much like finely precisioned automobiles. You wouldn’t let sludge build up in your car’s engine for very long before you would notice a difference in performance. Or, consider the example of a dam. If your keep the same amount of water stored up behind it without renewing the source or releasing any of the overflow you would generate stagnation. Drinking water daily creates the opportunity to generate better health and optiminal healing. The environment, diet and lifestyle can all create toxins that can accumulate over time. The practice of daily consumption of water keeps the system flowing. Next time your massage therapist recommends drinking water – Go with the flow!

Cold and Flu Season-Bump up your immune system with massage by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

October 21, 2010
Back massage

Andrew Wolfe,LMP preforms back massage.

Harvest is upon us again. It is a time to gather and take in the bounty of our labors. It is also a time of reflection, a time to look within and assess our needs; to take inventory and appreciate what we have. In the medical community and with the reminders in the media, we realize it is also cold and flu season, a time when we can deplete our immune system. When this happens not just the individual suffers but all those around them do also.

As a society we have been informed of communicable diseases and how they are spread. There are many over the counter products as well as pharmaceuticals available to take in order to relieve signs and symptoms of the cold or flu. However, prevention is always the best means of intervening in the disease process. It is the responsibility of the individual to maintain their own health and well-being.
You’ve heard of taking vitamins, eating healthily, drinking plenty of fluids, exercising regularly and getting adequate amounts of sleep. Have you ever thought about the act of getting a massage as a health benefit?

There are health studies , one specifically in the October issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, which found that getting even just one massage boosts your immune system. The study conducted drew blood samples from the test patients prior to and after a massage. One group received a vigorous Swedish massage and another test group were provided light touch massage. This study found that the patients who received the vigorous Swedish massage had a beneficial change in their blood levels, improving their immune system compared to the other group.

Relaxation is not the only benefit of massage therapy. Eliminating toxins is another benefit. Detoxification with massage therapy, is the elimination of toxins and byproducts in the system by way of the lymph and blood through the muscle manipulation and movement of the tissues. Stress, especially when exposed long-term, adversely affects our bodies.

Massage therapy need not be just for those seeking pampering. There is a wider audience than ever before looking at the rehabilitation, disease prevention and maintenance of health through massage therapy. It is a natural and effective means of maintaining health and creating a positive sense of well-being.

Dollar for dollar the time spent in getting a massage from a qualified professional LMT is an extremely economical and health-full way to boost your immune system and maintain vigorous health. Why not schedule a massage today?

 Andrew Wolfe, LMP is a licensed massage practitioner based in Arlington Washington and has 23 years of full-time private practice and can be reached 360-653-4657 or Check out his face book page at

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The Value of Massage Therapy By Andrew Wolfe,LMP

July 26, 2010
Health care is on the minds of most people, whether they have it, need it, or don’t have the right policy due to financial infeasibility, to acquire or maintain it. Unfortunately when it comes to health, if you don’t invest in it now, you pay for it later, as the investment of our bodies seem to yield higher rates of health issue returns to our lives as we age. As it stands now, preventative health is not recognized under most health insurance policys unless it comes in the form of exams in the context of a physical and or lab testing, which is a great start to establish a good base line of health.
But so much of our health is within the content of what we utilize it, in the continuum of the human condition of life, environment (acquired as outside environment or internal from stress, poor body mechanics,and just wear and tear) as well as genetics. We all, at some point in time in our lives, experience the decline of the body system; be it, an injury, thereby requiring surgery and rehabilition,or age, in the form of compensation, compression, genetics, habits and accumulation of repetitive motion, dysfunction, actions ,traumas and toxins.

When we treat the body what are we affecting? Is there a model, and is it holistic in it’s approach? Does this model exist within the insurance model?

When we treat the body we in essence, should be treating the individual, not just isolating the dysfunction, disease or trauma. After all, these ailments do not, nor should they consist in the total ness of any one being ;it is just the experience they are expressing in their life at the current time. Disease, is as the word is broken down, is really the lack of ease in the body. It is out of balance.

When it comes to insurance coverage, it is a model to achieve functionality prior to any onset, outside of what was once normal.

I have not seen a model demonstrate the value of direct hands on attention to an individual with the time of equal or great power, than massage therapy.
And yet it still comes up short, in regards to reimbursements and acknowledgment of in the medical field. I would like to challenge any person to dispute this fact, and yet no health care professional would consider taking 1 hour to be with their patient and really connect with them, where they see them not just a disease or diagnosis but as an individual. I have heard that it is not cost effective to spent that length of time on each patient. Therein lies part of the problem, yet every practitioner has the right to extend their services and acquire the ability to make a living at their trade. Policies are in place to reach the maximum amount of patients in the most cost effective means, especially when the population and aging health concerns are on the rise. Who reaps these benefits and who pays for these policies? Think about this the next time you cost compare time, experience, cost of doing business and your health.

Andrew Wolfe, LMP is a licensed massage practitioner based in Arlington Washington and has 23 years of full time private practice and can be reached 360-653-4657 or   



Medical massage and insurance coverage by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

April 15, 2010

Andrew Wolfe,L MP of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy,Arlington WA

Medical massage therapy is recognized as a health care provision under rehabilitation outpatient coverage under most major medical plans. Specific plan coverage’s vary according to the benefit package your plan and/or employer offer. Medical massage therapy definition is the ability to heal, restore and improve function which was other wise compromised due to illness,injury,disease or surgery. It must be a part of a treatment plan your primary care provider recommends as medically necessary to restore lost function.
Provisions are also given towards motor vehicle accident (PIP)and worker’s compensation-labor and industry (L&I), job injury recovery care claims. Like wise, verification and preauthorization must be met prior to starting care.
The variation of massage therapy are vast, according to the training and experience of the licensed massage therapist. State laws are in place for licensing and certification. Further education and experience on the massage therapists part, when looking for a therapist is always a good consumer judgment call when seeking out care. When injured you should seek out a massage therapist with skill, training and experience compatible with the injuries and sustained ailments that you have. For instance, you would not want to seek out a massage therapist who specializes in spa massage. Injury treatment is specialized and has specific protocol and training, whereas spa massage does not. Insurance companies WILL NOT recognize a “feel good” spa approach as a medical procedure. A consumer should also ask about how is the facility or practice run, what kind of specialized training do they have, what kinds of clinical and/or experience have they have in treating specific dysfunctions. Recommendations from your primary health care provider, local hospitals are a good resource to find an experienced therapist. There is also a number of organizations such as the American Massage Therapy Association that has a referral source of massage therapists available at
For the best results, advocate self-education and consumer awareness. As well as have a proactive approach. Be a willing to participate in your healing and recovery will happen.

This information was supplied by Andrew Wolfe,LMP of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy a medical massage therapist with 23 years of local, full-time private practice; since 1987. He has advanced training and clinical hands on experience beyond the industry’s standing, training locally in the Pacific Northwest Washington and in Beijing China in a hospital in May of 1997-1999. He is a preferred medical provider and accepts Aetna,Regence,Uniform Medical and personal injury protection (PIP) auto accident recovery claims and workers compensation and self insured (L&I) work injury claims.
He is located in the Cumulus Park Health Care Center at 16410 Smokey Point Blvd Suite 303 in Arlington WA 98223. Located just off I-5 at exit 206. Facility has wheel chair access, free lighted parking and is on bus route, (which stops in front of building). First of 2 buildings.
You can reach him at 360-653-4657 or e-mail him at
Please visit
or for more information about Andrew Wolfe, his background,training,experience and what he might be able to do to assist you in your recovery to health and wellness. “Compassionate care, tough on pain.” License # MA00003791