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Alternative Options of Health by Andrew Wolfe, LMP, Mms.

July 31, 2012

ImageWhen it comes to the rehabilitation of accidents and injuries most medical providers think within the convention of physical therapy and pharmacology. When injuries occur nerve fibers in the muscle tissue tear, strain, overstretch and literally shorten. This shortening of the tissue impairs normal movement . Scar tissue forms as a natural agent of healing. Often times the scar tissue can adhere to surrounding tissue and joints creating a memory of lost function as well as structural impairment. Cross fiber friction and myofascial release therapy, a form of deep tissue massage, reduces the scar tissue from forming as well as breaks it up when it does form. Nerve fibers in the bundles of muscle and other soft tissue such as ligaments, connective tissue, tendons and softer cartilage, can be damaged and impaired creating a muscle memory of dysfunction. Remedial massage therapy redirects the muscle memory by reconnecting the nerve -muscle connection. Heighten sensitivity and pain impairs mobility and natural healing and inflammation occurs. The function of inflammation is to “buffer” or protect the damaged area, but often times can delay in the healing. The most natural and effective support to healing is massage therapy, it is safe and has minimal to no negative side effects. Massage therapy works directly the site of the problems in a “hands on” approach. This approach makes common sense when you think about what is effected; the soft tissue. Change needs to come by working out the dysfunction. By working directly on the soft tissue you effect change. Thinking outside the conventions of the medical industry are alternative health care options. Even within the mainstream of modern medicine massage therapy is being recognized as a medical modality; see reference

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>Andrew Blog How is back pain treated with massage therapy?

May 23, 2011

>Andrew Blog How is back pain treated with massage therapy?

The Importance of Individualized Health Care by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

April 22, 2011

Leg flexion and low back massage by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

Health care these days is a system of managed care. Due to the volume of patients needs, health care is inundated with symptoms and complaints that exceed the limited time capacity of health care professionals. It has been my experience, that mainstream health care is overseen not by the patients’ medical providers but by a larger “all-seeing eye” focused on the bottom line. It isfelt within every procedure, therapy and treatment protocol; –your insurance company. Without having the direct contact or history of the patient these decisions are made. They dictate what seems to me, that which is in the best interest of corporate insurance companies and not in the best interests of the patient. Who knows better than the person who comes into direct contact with the patient, the healthcare provider? With the many and often multiple needs of the patent and a condensed time in which to manage their care, it is a wonder more mistakes aren’t being made. To address a large and ever growing number of people in need we, in the health care field, are overworked and underpaid. It is easy to overlook and by-pass an important piece in the equation in the health care puzzle; individualized quality care.

How did profits become more important than people? In an ever changing world of high finance, opportunity and the push to strive for more. we have created a giant monster. This monster is controlling us and largely dictating how we practice (which is the job of licensing boards.) Practitioners have the wisdom of understanding to know best how to manage what was once compassion in action. Our choice to serve and help others has been tainted by policies and procedures, much of which is not within our own understanding of best practice. The larger umbrella called managed care effects us all; patients and providers alike. In my experience working with insurance companies as a contracted provider, I, like many, in the process of trying to help others, am limited by narrowly defined codes and reimbursements, limiting effectiveness in treating patients with the services they require. This need for treatment sometimes necessitates patients having to go outside of the managed system where they often find a larger dollar amount dangling over their heads. It seems freedom of choice, by most standards has a price tag. Those that can afford choice can exercise this freedom while others can’t due to the oppressive paralysis of inability to choose based on economics.

The other side to managed care is inconsistency. I have heard this from patients time and time again. Individualized attention seems to be lost. It’s been my experience that some patients are bounced around by other practitioners having conflicting advice, different unresolved treatments and they feel the frustration of having to discuss yet again their health history, sometime within the same medical office or organization. Patients want to be heard, treated respectfully and get solid answers. I believe part of the answer lies in patient choice. This ability to choose gets lost within the shuffle and patients feel helpless to change the power of thinking to choose. A proactive patient is an empowered patient. While this may be a threat to some, it is best for the patient to think outside of the box; to be able to consider all options.
The need for private practices is necessary to fill in the gaps of this shuffle. Unfortunately it is becoming harder to find such practices and solo practitioners. Those of us not consumed by a corporate entity have been left to defend our position, holding ground that seems to be shaky at best. Yet perseverance is the human quality of the soul. We can not depart from our humanness.

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Andrew Wolfe, LMP

Business owner in private practice

Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy, serving individual health care needs in North

Snohomish County since 1987

“Compassionate care, tough on pain.”

Key note speaker on KRKO “Health Matters” April 25th at 6:45PM, PST

April 12, 2011
Andrew Wolfe, LMP is the owner and massage therapist of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy located in Arlington’s health care district at Smokey Point, Washington. He has a private practice in the Cumulus Park Health Care Center serving patients in the north Snohomish County region since 1987. In his profession as a licensed massage practitioner, he has focused on the rehabilitation and injury aspect of massage therapy. In the past he has been a keynote speaker, presenting in Everett Washington at the Snohomish County Medical Assistance Association on medical massage in May of 2009.

He is scheduled to be a keynote speaker on Everett Washington’s radio station, KRKO 1380 am on April 25 ”Health Matters,” starting at 6:45 PM, PST. It will be a show for questions and answers. There will also be the availability for listeners to call in. The subject of health will be discussed in the topic of medical massage therapy.

Andrew Wolfe,LMP brings 24 years of advanced clinical experience and training to the show, with insight and knowledge surpassing others in his field. He has worked with a variety of conditions in his private practice ranging from sports and personal injuries such as whiplash,fibromyalgia,thoracic outlet symdrome,carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis and other orthopedic conditions. His clarity of massage therapy as a medical modality helps uncover any myth by offer massage therapy as a natural, drug free, non surgical choice to be used in conjunction or as a primary focus in the rehabilitation and recovery from orthopedic, muscular and skeletal dysfunctions and complaints a patient may be experiencing. People don’t realize the treatment options that massage therapy has available to them. Massage therapy is not just the confinement of the idea of working just on the back and neck. Depending on medical need, most areas of the body can be treated not just the neck and the back. Where the body has mobility in the joints there are ligaments, tendons and muscles that make movement possible. With this understanding massage therapy is not simply left for the treatment of sore muscles but has such a greater circumference of treatment options open for care under massage therapy.

Proper diagnosis is important in the effective treatment to help issue a optimal response. Talk to your provider about what your options are. Drug use is not the only avenue to take when it comes to pain management. Surgery is an option but should only be exercised as an option when all other recourses have been exhausted.

Most patients have sought out referrals issued by their primary or specialty provider. Some patients come on their own, tired of the drug route and not wanting surgery.

Andrew Wolfe considers himself, in addition to being a massage therapist, an educator of health and wellness. He has a masters in metaphysics and is certified as a life coach. His inspiration is to empower individuals one at a time through personal choice and creating healthy options for one’s health and well being.



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Copy written by Andrew Wolfe,LMP


Water- Natures Miracle Remedy

December 10, 2010

Water- Natures Miracle Remedy.