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Radio Commercial

February 15, 2011
Andrew Wolfe,LMP

Andrew Wolfe,LMP

Starting this month listen for my radio commercial on Everett Washington’s station KRKO, 1380AM.


Reclaiming the body through massage by Andrew Wolfe,LMP

July 23, 2010


In the state of trauma, the body, in order to survive, will protect itself. This survival instinct is apart of the evolution and adaptation of humans, regardless if the response is due to a physical threat or not. With nerve fibers to respond with sensations and the brain to release chemicals, to ready our bodies to the physical challenges, we have, within normal perimeters, the tactics to react to stress , trauma or any other perceived threat. If conditioned enough times repetitively without enough processing time for recovery, or in the case of an extended duration, patterns can develop which can be deeply seated into the mind and body. These patterns switch on easily and often trigger the event or events that created the original trauma. Post traumatic stress disorder is a common diagnosis relating to this condition. Developing coping mechanisms is one way in which order to adapt to trauma. 

Isolation, guilt, blame, anxiety, fear and resentment can be a few of the emotional conditions of coping. Often one internalize feelings, resulting in repression, depression and tension in the body. Often times other physical symptoms and/or disorders manifest as well. Other forms of coping can take place forming addictions, attachments, detachments boundary issues, etc. 

Healthy touch reinforces healthy boundaries, especially in the case of physical and sexual abuse. Often times trauma, as yet another coping mechanism, one can remove themselves from feeling and residing in their body. Healthy touch reclaims the body, sending a positive message of self acceptance, embodiment, safety, trust, openness, healthy vulnerability and self love. 

Andrew Wolfe is a holistic Licensed Massage Practitioner in Smokey Point, located in the Cumulus Park Health Care Center , 16410 Smokey Point Blvd Suite 303 Arlington WA 98223 . He owns and operates Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy, currently for 23 years. He can be reached at 360-653-4657.  

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