Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy is a locally full-time privately owned medical massage therapy practice. Andrew Wolfe,LMP is the therapist. He has over 24 years of experience.Established in 1987. He offers rehabilitation massage therapy to his practice, with advanced training and experience beyond the industry’s standard. He has trained locally in Pacific Northwest Washington and in a Beijing Chinese hospital. He has advanced training in myofascial release techniques, which is his primary skill he incorporates. In addition deep tissue massage,somatic movement re-education,trigger point and swedish massage with gait,postural and ergonomic training,manual traction and stretching is also offered in a

Andrew Wolfe,LMP

Andrew Wolfe,LMP

holistic approach towards restoration and self-improvement since 1987. He offers strong,reliable,compassionate health care and is the original massage therapist, and tenant in the Cumulus Park Health Care Center, where his practice is located at 16410 Smokey Point Blvd Suite 303 in Arlington WA. 98223. You can reach him at 360-653-4657 or e-mail him at andrew@harmonymassagetherapy. For more information of conditions treated,more education and training please visit http://www.harmonymassagetherapy.com


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